Heartland Computer


Small business computer support in Fishers, Indiana




Heartland's mission is simple: to help small businesses grow by using their computer systems more effectively.

Most businesses begin by using computers for the basic tasks, such as word processing, e-mail, accounting, etc.  As your business grows, you may start to wonder "can our computers help us become more profitable?"

The answer is yes, but you need a proper planning and a partner with the experience and the proper knowledge of what works (as opposed to what will just cost you time and money). Your computers can help you cut costs, generate new business, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve your business processes. 

7 Steps to more profit through better use of your computer investment

1. Establish regular communication with your clients

Keep and grow your customer base with timely calls, letters, and e-mails

2. Make it easier for your clients and prospects to contact you

Use voicemail and e-mail correctly to help your business rather than hurt it
Provide web-site visitors a good reason to give you their contact information

3. Target new clients

Establish a system for prospecting
Communicate with prospects in an effective way

4. Store and organize all client interactions

This information will become your most valuable asset

5. Learn your systems and use them correctly

A little training can pay off greatly
Reduce tedious tasks to become more creative

6. Keep information

Information created for the company belongs to the company
Don’t lose it when an employee leaves
Protect yourself from disaster

7. Share information

Make valuable information available to authorized users anywhere, anytime
Don’t waste time re-creating proposals, quotes, letters, etc.